Brame & Hamo- Club Orange Ep


A1: Roy Keane
B1: Space Dub
B2: Club Orange P


Код: BGNEW0319 Категория: Етикети: ,


Brame& Hamos Brand New Label with Release no.2! Following their blistering 2017 Trants EP, Brame & Hamo return to their own B&H imprint with an irresistible follow-up, Club Orange, delivering another trio of spirited tracks that encompass warm-hearted house, trippy analog-textures and a general crowd-pleasing attitude that’s nonetheless never short on charisma. For the first of the three cuts, the Irish duo honour a fellow countryman, the joint-most successful Irish footballer of all time, Mr. Roy Keane. Although not known for his love of joyous, blissfully filtered house anthems, the infamously dour midfielder and prawn-sandwich sceptic would surely offer a stern nod of approval from the sidelines as this hi-NRG, hi-spirits crowdpleaser works its undeniable charm in sending both local and national league discoteques into some kind of rapture. As they like to say out on the terraces Goal!

Издадена: 19 Февруари 2018

Label: B&H005



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Размери 32 × 32 × 14 cm


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