A1 She lost Control
A2 Process
B1 Catarse
B2 Mind Awake


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In many ways, it s difficult to believe Wehbba only dropped his first full-length EP on Drumcode this year. Released in February, the four-tracker Eclipse was a monster statement piece of the Brazilians talents and followed on superbly from Fake, his contribution to last year s A-Sides Vol.6 inarguably one of the biggest tracks on the compilation. With the confirmation that Wehbba will take part in Drumcode s Off Week party in Barcelona, followed by the brand s takeover of Resistance in Ibiza, its indisputable proof that his crisp, chord-driven take on techno has become a vital component to the expansive palette of sound Adam Beyer has drawn for the label in 2018 and beyond. Catarse marks the rapid-fire follow-up from the prolific producer. Opening with the eerie She Lost Control, Wehbba says he took inspiration from the Joy Division track of almost the same name (‘She s Lost Control ), but instead of crafting the dense sonic atmosphere with vocals, he employs an analogue kick drum and stealth-like moog bass with dramatic results. Process follows, a cut which begun as a cover jam of Laurent Garnier s Crispy Bacon and ends up incorporating the cut-up vocals of legendary minimal composer Steve Reich, who is one of Wehbba s chief inspirators. The resulting track is an ice-cool percussive work that s rich in dancefloor functionalism. The title track will be familiar to many who follow Drumcode Radio, a goose-bump inducing highlight of Beyers DCR392 at Awakenings in Eindhoven, Catarse is driven by a memorable melodic riff resplendent in 90s techno euphoria. The EP concludes with the terrific Mind Awake, a powerful concoction of reverb heavy basslines and glitchy effects, that s been thoroughly road tested by both Beyer and Wehbba and kicks like a rodeo bull.

Издадена: август 2018
Label: Drumcode

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