Endless Light EP



A1 Endless Light
A2 Endless Light (Herck Lighter Remix)
B Separation Of The Flower Power


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ViGi, the new French – Belgian experimental label, entrusts two underground artists known for their subtle and refined productions – Anton Pau (Bulgaria) and Herck (Romania). Together, they will deliver Endless Light as a complete night / after-hour EP.

Anton Pau brings his solid experience initially built on hip-hop beats in 2000s, from where his sound has evolved throughout the years to the very end in techno, minimal and deep.
In the DELOOPED space in 2014, featuring artists such as SUBLEE, MARIIN, or ALEXANDER KYOSEV (who remixed Anton’s P-Loop two years later
for his second EP released on NORSE PROJECT and what played by PETRE INSPIRESCU or CABANNE) , Anton has continuously developed and refined his minimal, murky groove.

On his new Endless Light EP, Anton delivers his finest after-hours of vision.On Endless Light, we find here again Anton Pau’s unique touch: a groovy beat accompanied by a smoothing wavy sound, culminating in a classy and elegant unfolding, matching the
mentally after-hour perfectly.

On his turn HERCK delivers his very own interpretation of Endless Light, which will undoubtedly grab all dancers in a beat! He revisits the track and brings a wide, rich and musically complex display of pulsating sounds, with a rhythmic and bumpy beatline, supported by a wide array of small and intricate details to light up the dancefloor in a flash!

Separation of The Flower Power continues and completes the mystery of A-side like an absolute and natural progression. With its strong and imposing groovy beat, it progresses constantly and results in a fine, subtle and sombre composition of a brilliant and dazzling darkness.

Издадена: 19 януари 2018

Label: ViGi


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