Heiko Laux ‎– SenseficTion (Remixes Part 3) KA 44_3



A       Presence (Golden Dawn Mix By Johannes Heil)

B1     Sense Fiction (Revisited By Alter Ego)

B2     Sense Fiction (Blown The Pieces Mix By DJ Slip)

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Finaly the third and last part of the Sense Fiction Remix Series. This time created by Johannes Heil, who mixed the stripped down funk rhythms from the original “Presence” track with his very own melancholic tech-trance appeal for a massiv club hit. Frankfurt´s Alter Ego on a sound-science trip! This funky techno essential will rock the floors with it´s heavy bass experience. DJ Slip´s listening adventure is the perfect ending for a very successful remix series. Slip´s very emotional mix starts with his personal message to Heiko and the Kanzleramt Boys and shows his unusual ambient talents. Enjoy this trip !


Released: 30 Oct 2000

Country: Germany

Condition: VG+

Label: Kanzleramt ‎– KA 44_3



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