Hooked / Jungle River Cruise



A –Tiger Stripes Hooked
B –Solomun Jungle River Cruise


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Chances are you’ve already heard it, but if not, rush immediately to check out ‘Hooked’. Championed by the likes of Anja Schneider, this is one of those tracks that might not sound too special to a casual techno listener but is capable of making anyone who truly loves to dance giggle like a schoolgirl. There’s a wonderfully liquid run of crystal-clear notes that I might call ‘jazzy’ if that hadn’t become shorthand for ‘boring and beloved of superannuated US DJs’. It makes you want to wiggle your fingers around and close your eyes. The pulsing bassline and heavy kicks don’t hurt either. Overall it’s the sort of track you don’t want to end.

Mikael Nordgren aka Tiger Stripes has an admirable pedigree with previous releases under other names on King Street, Ibadan and Wave, and as such he knows house is a feeling, not a set of sounds so this will fit neatly into either harder sets or softer sexier ones and never slips into cliché.

Over on the other side, ‘Jungle River Cruise’ wears its housiness much more on its sleeve with hissing hats and nagging muted chords. There are ethnic samples and it has a swampy feel that makes the title very appropriate. It’s pleasant enough but not very distinctive and therefore likely to spend most of its time eating slipmat.

Издадена: 18 юни 2007          Състояние Плоча: Near Mint (NM)


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