Imaginary Solutions



A1 Pataphysics
A2 Hamam Hotness
B1 Hermitage (Full Beard Mix)
B2 Oh Sunday


Код: BGUSD0068 Категория:


Riotvan premier of Thomalla (The/Das, Krakatau, Running Back, Permanent Vacation), the first non-local artist to release on the Leipzig-based label. The zeitgeist seismographs at the Boiler Room describe his sound as “weirdo house for the freaks.” Opener “Pataphysics” is a good example — an oscillating floor meditation with a flush of percussion details. “Hamam Hotness” is less spacy and equipped with soothing basses. “Hermitage” starts with detailed percussion elements and a fluid sound design, only to stretch into paradisiac break-worlds. “Oh Sunday” escalates the game between melodic and rhythmic impetus before an intelligent house finale.

Издадена: 2015

Състояние Плоча: Very Good Plus (VG+)


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Тегло 0.20 kg
Размери 32 × 32 × 1 cm


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