Italo Brutalo – Paradiso Analogico


a1 Paradiso Analogico
a2 Ali Renault Remix – Paradiso Analogico
b1 Franz Scala Remix – Paradiso Analogico
b2 Ilya Santrana Remix – Paradiso Analogico

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„Paradiso Analogico” is the first release on Bungalo Disco, run by Brutalo & Italo, who synchronized to create their own multi sensual universe.
10 years ago the original version has been the starting shot of Italo Brutalo.

One decade later, three of the best producers turned the song into 2020´s spirit. Ali Renault squeezes out the dark side of the track by adding some vocals and acid lines. Balearic master Ilya Santana shows why he´s one of the leading artists when it comes to cosmic disco. Slow Motion Records Head Franz Scala delivers a sure shot to hit the dancefloor.

Издадена: 10 Февруари 2020

Label: Bungalo Disco


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Размери 32 × 32 × 14 cm


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