Nathan Kofi – Voltage Controlled Love Affair / DLEP06


Label: De Lichting
Format: 12″, EP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2022-05-03
Style: Electro, House, Breaks, Techno

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A1. My Heart Will Go On 05:43
A2. Words Of Affirmation 05:44
B1. Platonic Intimacy 05:36
B2. Candy Girl 05:37

Oi! This is Nathan Kofi, introducing; “Voltage Controlled Love Affair”. A story about love, love for frequencies, love for the journey, love for the culture and love for ‘the self’.

This record will be my debuting ep since my name changed from Nathan Surreal to Nathan Kofi. And that transformation is evident throughout this ep. The A-side kinda represents ‘the old me’. A1: My Heart Will Go On and A2: Words of Affirmation are both tracks made a little while ago and are cut out of the same wood; a family affair if you wish. They consist of similar samples and thus share sonic DNA, yet reveal two completely different characters in their experience.

Both tracks are fundamentally rooted in a classic ‘house’ ethos and display the use of vocals to enhance the listening experience while it progresses to its full potential. Although the “a1” exudes a more galvanising upbeat energy with a strong pulse triggering bodily movements, the “b1” takes a different route and evokes a more collective meditative journey; hence the title.

Moving over to the b-side. This side represents a new me; personally and musically. Both tracks are rooted in a sense of authenticity and fresh renewed energy. This side moves away from the 4-to-the-floor formula and introduces breaky patterns and melodic experiments.

While a lot of people, including myself suffered through several lockdowns triggering mental struggles as a consequence, I had a really hard time finding peace and balance in life and in the studio. B1: ‘Platonic Intimacy’ is the result of many frustrating studio sessions trying to find my mojo back; trying to reinvent myself to rekindle the experience of bliss and joy while music-making. This track, in particular, brings up the topic of writer’s block, mental health and blockages alike artists are suffering from. But when those demons are fought, those barriers are broken, mountains are moved – It is the start of something new, and beautiful; ‘Platonic Intimacy’. The B2: ‘Candy Girl’, in essence, a straight-up sugar-coated electro banger with a mood, yet simultaneously signifies the power of ‘reclaiming’ what is yours.

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