Neuromancer (Krystal Klear Remix)



A1 Neuromancer (6:10)
B1 Multiverse (5:58)
B2 Neuromancer (Krystal Klear Remix) (8:47)


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Two sprawling sagas just in time for your buzzer … The almost-rising Brazilian-in-Barcelona known as TERR takes time out from launching her new live show to touch down planet correspondent. And she does so with two beguiling cyberpunk schematics. Authentic down to the last wavy synth idiosyncrasies, both ‘Neuromancer’ and ‘Multiverse’ extend the analogue dialogue TERR’s been parlaying since she emerged on Hotflush in 2016. The former swaggers with loose drum charm and swoons with sweeping synth emotion while the latter struts with late night neon fantasies and a stirring sense of synth triumph.

Both provide the same message: This is TERR at her most adventurous, detailed and ultimately hopeful with her strong sense of sci-fi mystique. Galvanized by insane levels of relentless cosmic funk from Krystal Klear on the remix, every track on this EP is guaranteed to spin you into a dizzy state of delirium. Precision timing from Cardini’s Correspondent, and yet another exceptional release.

Издадена: 06 август 2018


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